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The EAS 619 Digital Insertion Unit is a digital device that is transparent to an AES/EBU digital audio stream and provides the capability of interrupting the stream to insert another AES/EBU stream or analog audio source. The EAS 619 contains an A-to-D converter that senses the sampling rate of the normal AES/EBU input and digitizes and formats the analog interrupt input at the appropriate rate to be delivered to the respective output.

Because each section of the EAS 619 senses the incoming AES/EBU data streams separately, it only switches between data blocks to eliminate the "pops" and "clicks" that are normally associated with digital insertion. If the AES/EBU insert input is used, the rate of the insert stream will match the normal stream rate.

The EAS 619 supports all popular sampling rates, including 32, 44.1, and 48 ks/s. It senses the incoming rate and is transparent to the data stream.

Because every digital device inserted into an audio stream contributes delay, design care was exercised in the Model 619 to minimize the amount of delay required. This eliminates delay build-up that results in separate processing feeds for live talent.

  • EAS insertion into separate digital AES/EBU streams, both radio and TV
  • Insertion of emergency programming source into digital streams
  • Digital console input expansion
  • STL auto change-over between digital/digital and digital/analog systems
  • Insertion of remote pick-up into digital streams

  • Digital interrupt for AES/EBU
  • Transparent switching
  • Interoperability with all current AES/EBU formats including 32, 44.1, and 48 ks/s rates
  • Hardware bypass provides signal paths even on loss of power
  • Utilizes industry standard XLR connectors which are easily rerouted
  • Front panel status indicators

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