Dutch company that has managed to put a footprint on the globe in terms of designing and manufacturing very high quality and affordable audio mixing consoles and signal processors for the past 46 years.

In 1972, Duco de Rijk and Ronnie Goene, who were members of the popular band Zen at the time, with one golden Number 1 hit ‘Hair’, built their first tube mixing console. It was a revolutionary product for the time. Many well-known pop groups such as Kayak, The Cats and Alquin opted for D&R mixers because of their affordability, the warm sound they produce and their virtually unlimited headroom.

D&R was officially founded on February 1st 1972. The previously famous duo used a private address that year to work on some 20 mixing consoles for customers including radio station such as London City, Radio Veronica, Radio Luxembourg and many other more or less well-known pop groups, In the same year, D&R moved to a canal-side property on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. With the design and production of the first studio-mixer, for the pop group Cats’ own recording studio, they were in a strong position, resulting in their turnover and personal standing growing quickly.

The last 20 years D&R has put much effort into broadcast related products. Due to the success of the Airmate broadcast console in 1998, a range of other broadcast consoles as the Aircom, Airteq and Airmix established the D&R name in the broadcast world nationally and internationally. New broadcast products with more and more digital technology built-in saw the daylight.

We could see the arrival of the extremely successful digitally controlled analog Airlab console of which over 1000 units are in worldwide use. An even further digitally controlled analog console the AirMax saw the daylight recently. We see this modular mixer as the ultimate combination of analog and digital technology. D&R’s digital involvement in broadcast came to reality by building the modular SIRIUS digital broadcast production/On-Air mixing console in 2001. Directly followed by the digital Scorpius console and Web-based Lyra digital console. The next step in digital consoles is the AXUM console which will be launched in autumn 2007. This is the ultimate digital modular platform in which all collected design experience and field response is brought together. This extremely versatile concept will be the concept on which all future designs will be based upon. Investment in the AXUM will never result in loss of money due to loss of features or older technology. The modular concept goes way back to the heart of the system, the DSP that is also modular, as are all the various control surfaces that are available for this system. We at D&R are very enthusiastic about all the design parameters that have been determined the way in advance of the AXUM launch on the IBC show in 2007. We are working around the clock in high-speed mode to design and manufacture the ultimate digital broadcast console that can meet any today’s and tomorrow’s tender.








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