Cavena - Worldwide Subtitling appoints AVW Broadcast Group as Australian distributor

The AVW Broadcast Group Sydney is pleased to announce their appointment as distributors for the Swedish company Cavena Image Products AB, a leading manufacturer of subtitling systems with a worldwide…



Walsh Joins the AVW Broadcast Team

AVW Broadcast has announced the appointment of John Walsh as Business Development – Broadcast, operating out of their Sydney Australia Offices. John brings along extensive system application and industry experience…



DK T7 – Compliant Audio, Loudness & Logging System

Hit your Audio and Loudness sweet-spot with outstanding precision, instant overview and detailed reporting. The DK T7 marks another high point in Audio & Loudness Metering. Complete with well-known high…



Deviser Electronics - E7000a Cable and Antenna Analyser

E7000A series cable and antenna analyzer is a perfect instrument for wireless and broadcasting base station. It covers 25MHz to 6100MHz frequency span and fits for the wireless communication and…



Broadcast Tools Introduce NTP Server Sentinel

The NTP Server Sentinel is a standalone "ready-to-run" GPS referenced NTP time server offering a complete solution for synchronizing the time across TCP/IP LANs using NTP. The NTP Server Sentinel combines a GPS receiver with an embedded web based controller and is configured and managed via a web browser.



DK Meter Logging Has Arrived!

DK5, the newest addition to DK-Technologies’ award-winning DK meter range, introduces Logging as its significant feature, allowing detailed documentation, visualization and evaluation of DK Metering data.