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    DK Meter Loudness Logging is here.

    DK meter is the perfect and affordable 'one box solution' for any Audio & Loudness metering application. The DK Meter delivers outstanding metering precision and clear read-outs.

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    Send your HD Video & Audio Content over Coaxial Cable or IP Networks!

    Check out the cost-effective TeleDelta HDS series
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DK Meter Logging Has Arrived!
DK Meter Logging
DK5, the newest addition to DK-Technologies’ award-winning DK meter range, introduces Logging as its significant feature, allowing detailed documentation, visualization and evaluation of DK Metering data.
Free TV OP59 Compliant - DK Technologies Loudness Meters
DK Technologies (Denmark) models: DK1, DK2, DK3, DK4 and DK5 audio loudness meters offer a feature-packed and cost effective audio metering solution for professional broadcasters and production facilities.
Broadcast Tools Introduce NTP Server Sentinel
The NTP Server Sentinel is a standalone "ready-to-run" GPS referenced NTP time server offering a complete solution for synchronizing the time across TCP/IP LANs using NTP. The NTP Server Sentinel combines a GPS receiver with an embedded web based controller and is configured and managed via a web browser.
JK Audio Introduce New Field Interview Tool
JK Audio combines professional audio electronics with a flexible communications interface in a rugged new belt pack design. RemoteMix One offers a professional look and feel to field reporters and live remote talent.
Broadcast Tools Introduce Mixer Buddy Console Controller
Mixer Buddy, continuing in the Console Controller Two and Five traditions, provides four channels of microphone control, monitor source selection and monitor muting, allowing popular “Live Music” audio mixers to be used in a broadcast and/or production environment.

Mixer Buddy adds five important functions to the mixer...


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